Monday, January 6, 2014

ReadyBoost [A Special Feature Of Windows Vista]

Posted by Prem Trivedi


  • ReadyBoost is a special feature of Windows Vista. It is a very useful feature to enable your USB disk as a RAM to increase system performance.

  1. To enable Readyboost just plug-in your USB disk or Pendrive in any port.

1.Autoplay Option displays Readyboost option like This :-

2.Right click and open Properties menu.

3. In properties menu you will find ReadyBoost Tab click on that tab.

4.Click Use this Device and apply how much space you want to reserve for system speed            e.g.1000 mb, 2000 mb etc.

5.Then click on apply and click ok. Now in few minuites your USB disk will work as a RAM.

6. Finish

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