Monday, February 24, 2014

Cool and Free Flag Counter For Your Blog or Website

Posted by Prem Trivedi

Dear Visitors each and every blogger or website author wants to know about which visitor or how many visitors had showing their site or blog ? –OR- they are eager to see which visitor is from which country ? So I would like to share some useful information and also my experience to help beginners in blog.

There is a best way to get alive your blog or website with cool widget and also helpful to know movement of your new and existing visitors.


Here you can find an opportunity to get cool widget which enable you to show “STAT” OR “HIT” counter to your blog or website with great features. Each and every time visitor from a new country visits your blog or website, a new flag will be added to your widget which you added to your blog or website. It also displays total number of visitors from each country.

  • First of all it’s totally FREE WIDGET 
  • User friendly with customizable inputs 
  • All facility in short and just one line of HTML code 
  • All information displayed only in just one image 
  • Displays information and charts by clicking counter image

You can add a flag counter in any site which you publish, manage or personal. You can also make changes to your Flag counter like

  • Maximum Flags to show 
  • Columns of flags 
  • Label on top of counter 
  • Background color 
  • Text Color 
  • Border Color

The special feature about it for me is that it provides all these functionalities without any registration. It make simple and cool widget for you with your choice and generate an HTML code as per your requirement. It also provide FORUM section for members who wants to interact with each other. PRO EDITION is one of the great section if you want to know deeply about visitors.

What is Flag Map?

Flag map is also one type of widget which displays number of visitors from all over the world in only just one image. It counts only flag by country. It also provides list of flags collected by country.

Steps To Add Flag Counter

  1. Visit Flagcounter
  2. Login to your blog
  3. Click on Layout section
  4. Click Add new Widget & then add HTML Javascript widget
  5. Now Rename it as your choice and paste HTML code generated by 
  6. Then Save it
  7. Done


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