Saturday, April 12, 2014

Best Online Image Compressors - An Awesome Online Tool for Bloggers

Posted by Prem Trivedi

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Today I am back with information about best websites and online tools that are awesome and very useful. This post is specially for Bloggers and other website authors to make their work fast and easily. Photo sharing via social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp is a trend in today's life because Internet make our work so easy and fast. So image optimization make your work better than before.

Why Compress your images?

Generally the Internet users or website surfers who have low bandwidth Internet connection are always looking for fast loading website or blog with lightning speed. So bloggers and other website authors should take care about their website contents to optimize and responsive as per user requirements. You should try to upload content with minimum weight which gives you flexibility as well as fast loading web pages of your blog or website. This post is very useful for newbies who have been just started their blog or website.

So here is a solution that gives you comfortable and easy way to optimize, resize and compress your images before you upload on your blog or website. It gives you flexibility to make your website or blog loading fast as well as user friendly.

JPEG Optimizer

Jpeg Optimizer is a free online tool for resizing and compressing your images so you can use your image and quickly upload it on Facebook, WhasApp, Forums, Blog, Website, Email or any other place. It compress uploaded image between 0-99 level and resize your photo as per your requirement. It is also useful for those who want to compress their Digital or HD photos into normal size.

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It is very useful and cool image optimizing tool which gives you facility to reduce the weight of your image and use it for your website and compress it just before uploading on a social networking sites or email.

You can choose you percentages of compression to get final compressed image. You can upload image up to 9 MB maximum. It has a great ability to compress multiple images simultaneously. So you can compress more than one images by it's Drag and Drop feature.

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Image Optimizer

Image Optimizer is also gives you compatibility to resize, compress and optimize your images very quickly and easy. You can easily optimize your images by just clicks of your mouse button. It compress and optimize your images suitable for web pages, email attachments, or even for your hard disk.

Features :
You can choose quality of image by selecting from drop down menu. Available qualities are :

  • Minimum File Size
  • Very Small File Size
  • Small File Size
  • Normal
  • High Quality
  • Best Quality
**Normal is a default quality

You can also choose maximum width and height by entering values on text box.
**1200 X 900 is a default values

It also provide image optimizing software for windows. So you can also compress your image files offline by using your computer.

Download Free or Professional Version

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TinyPNG is a great online PNG compressing tool with advanced lossy compression feature that enables you to compress your PNG image file easily. It works based on decreasing the number of colors in the image and reduce the file size of your PNG files. PNG (Portable Network Graphics) is one of the most popular image format that save loading time of  web pages and uses low bandwidth so your website load faster than ever.

TinyPNG is one of the great PNG shrink tool that allows you to compress up to 20 images simultaneously with maximum 5 MB each. TinyPNG also provides one great feature called TinyPNG Photoshop Plugin that allows you to view and save your compressed PNG files right from Photoshop.

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JPEG Reducer

JPEG Reducer is amazing online image reducer that works based on mathematical formulas which break image into smaller grids and changing the pixel information slightly. You can compress your jpegs, pngs and digital photos free with JPEG Reducer. It also compress images by just entering URL of online jpeg or png images.

Compression Levels

  • Thumbnail 64 X 64
  • Thumnail 100 X 100
  • Thumnail 125 X 125
  • 90% - Better Quality, lower compression
  • 75% Compression
  • 50% Compression
  • 25% Compression
  • 10% - Lowest Quality, highest compression

So I hope that these online tools for image compressing will be helpful for bloggers and web developers to make their blog or website with fast loading web pages so visitors can't leave their website and avoiding move to another websites.


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