Friday, March 21, 2014

Top 5 Websites To Play Music Instruments Online

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You can't found any person in this world who doesn't like to play the Music or to listen the Music. Music is a source to make your mind fresh and say goodbye to tension in any crucial situations. In Today's world each and every person suffering from massive work load and make their life boring with lots of tension. You can't spend time for your entertainment and make your mind tension free because "The life is Race". So if you want to get physically and mentally rest, you should make habit to listen the music. Even Music is a medicine for your heart and keep your mind cool and tension free. The Science have proved that the Music is work like a medicine for heart patients. So Music is an ideal way to make yourself healthy and tension free. Music is a part of our life, life become boring and tedious without Music. Music is the art of the soul.

Many people have hobby to learn Music like Singing or Play musical instruments but they don't have sufficient time for it. So Today I want to discuss about some resources which allows you to play free music instruments online and also provides to learn Music online.

The following is a list of some useful websites to play, learn and make Music online :

[1] ButtonBass

ButtonBass is online resource for play virtual music instruments and make music online. It also provides you wide range of musical instrument widgets with great features. It allows you to play your favorite musical instruments like Piano, Guitar, Drums etc online and also you can download music software for free. You can also record your music and download music created by you in mp3 format.

It also available for the following platforms :

Google Chrome Extensions :

Musical Instruments: 
(Click Player Name To Play it)

Here You can learn and create your own music by playing Musical Instruments online using your keyboard or mouse as the interface.

It includes :

[3] Virtual Keyboard

Here you can find lots of musical sounds in one virtual keyboard. It works as multipurpose and all-in-one interface.

It includes :
  • Piano
  • Organ
  • Sexophone
  • Flute
  • Pan Pipes
  • Strings
  • Guitar
  • Steel Drums
  • Double Bass
Click Here To Play

[4] Virtual Drum Kit

It provides you to play drum on your computer screen with great interface. It provides easy to use drum kit for the people who wants to learn to play drums.

Click Here To Play Drums

[5] Vitual Violin Online

This is an ideal place for the people who wants to lean Violin online. It provides facility to learn violin very easy. It provides violin class in three simple image type interfaces. You need to just hover your mouse on letters to hear sound in first image. Second image displays Music Notes while Third image displays how to handle violin and where to place your fingers to make a different sounds.

It also provides wide range of violin exercises and lots of techniques about violin. It also provides training to repair your violin perfectly.

Click Here To Play Violin

So all the above links are very useful to make, learn and play music easily and also for free. So Rock the world and fulfill your desire and your love about music.

Enjoy yourself !
Have a Fun !

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