Tuesday, March 11, 2014

What is Alexa Ranking ? How To Improve Alexa Rank ?

Posted by Prem Trivedi
Alexa is the Web Information Company based on San Francisco,California. It is subsidiary company of Amazon.com founded in 1996. Alexa is the best way to know about website analytics for all websites. It provides free Traffic Statistics like Global Ranking Traffic Data for all websites.


It estimates traffic data based on visitors who use Alexa Toolbar and add-ons in their browsers. Every Bloggers should know about Alexa Internet because this is a second step for every blogger to get start their effort to manage rank of their website or blog. 

What is Alexa Traffic Rank ?

Alexa Rank is based on traffic data by counting number of pageviews and daily unique visitors who have installed Alexa Toolbar in their browser. Decreasing of Alexa Rank will improve your site reputation. 

Alexa Internet provides traffic estimate in two-way method. 
  • Global Traffic Rank
  • Country Specific Rank
Global Traffic Rank :
Global Traffic Rank is based on measurement of daily unique visitors and number of pageviews on the site from the web over the past 3 months. The website with huge combination of Unique Visitors and Pageviews is ranked 1st in Global Ranking.

Country Specific Rank :
Country Specific Rank is a measurement of daily unique visitors and number of pageviews on the site from particular country or the country where the website owner situated. The website with large amount of Unique Visitors and Pageviews is ranked 1st in that Country.

How To Improve Your Alexa Ranking ?

Install Alexa Toolbar :
Visit Alexa and install Alexa Toolbar on your browser. Also tell your friends, Visitors to install Alexa Toolbar because it increase traffic Rank of your website/blog. You can easily check your Alexa Traffic Rank after install Alexa Toolbar.

=> Get Alexa Toolbar For Free Here:

Register For Free On Alexa.com :
Register with your e-mail account or Facebook account on Alexa.com. Alexa provides registration for your website/blog totally free of cost.

=> Register For Free Here :

Claim Your Website/Blog To Alexa :
You have to claim your website/blog to Alexa.com after registration because it is compulsory to claim your website/blog on Alexa which provides full control over your website/blog and also displays your site ownership to visitors.

Put Alexa Widget On Your Website/Blog :
Now you have to put Alexa Widget on your website/blog because Alexa Widget displays Traffic Rank of your Blog/Website in small package of image with html code. You can get an HTML code after registration on Alexa and place that code on sidebar or footer in your site/blog.

Promote Your Website/blog with Experienced Bloggers :
This is the most important part of Alexa Ranking or get more traffic on your blog/site. Because as i already said that experienced web developers or Bloggers had already installed Alexa Toolbar on their browser. So this is a big factor which gives you more visitors on your site/blog and it improves your Alexa Rank easily.

Keep Updating Your Website/Blog Regularly :
To get your Alexa Rank high you must follow this step and keep you blog/website update daily if possible. If you do nothing on your site/blog, your Alexa Rank will be decrease. So once your Alexa Rank go down you can't bring it back to high easily.

Visit Other's Blog/website & Keep Commenting :
Alexa calculates good amount of backlinks to your site/blog. So you should make habit to visit other's blog/website which are similar to your site/blog and place attractive comments on their site/blog with your site/blog's url. So when they see your comment with your site link they will click on link with comment placed by you. Once they visit your site via comment placed by you, backlink will be automatically attach to your site/blog.

Post Sharing On Social Networking Sites :
You must make habit of sharing your daily post on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Stumble upon, pinterst etc.These sites improve your Alexa Rank and also helps to increasing huge amount of traffic on your site/blog.

Words In Ending

In end of this post I would like to say that all these steps are really works to improve reputation of your blog/website and get more traffic on your site/blog. So keep visiting and also thanks for your appreciation. Enjoy ! Have a Fun.



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