Monday, March 17, 2014

Windows Live Writer - Offline Blog Editor

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Dear Visitors,

Today I want to share some information about Desktop Based software which enables you to operate your online activities right from your desktop and make your work easily and also with great speed. There are so many Desktop Based softwares available for online activities like:

  • Gmail - Hangout
  • Facebook Chat
  • Skype
  • Outlook Express
  • One Drive
  • Mediafire 
And lots of....

So now I want to share with you amazing desktop based software Windows Live Writer which enables you to blog right from your desktop. Windows Live Writer is a blogging platform designed to allow you to blog from your desktop. The main advantage of Windows Live Writer is that you can add Videos, Photos, Text etc by just few clicks and share everything to your blog. You can share then to almost any blog service like Blogger, Wordpress, Windows Live, Live Journal, Typepad, and many more. You can preview everything you have adding to your blog before you publish. So it make your work very easy and save your time with fast and powerful autosave compatibility.

 It's created by Microsoft and a part of Windows Live Essential package which include :
  • Windows Live Messenger
  • Mail
  • Writer
  • Photo Gallery
  • Family Safety
  • Toolbar
  • Movie Maker
  • Outlook Connector
  • Office Live Add-in
  • Microsoft Silverlight
  • Autosave drafts and posts to your computer
  • Blog without Internet connection, then publish later
  • You can access multiple blogging platforms with one interface
  • Easy to use from desktop
  • Keyboard shortcuts enabled

How To Start With Windows Live Writer

[1] Visit The Windows Live Writer Download Page

First of all the most important thing is that you already have your own blog. If you already have your own blog, then visit Windows Live Writer Download Page and click "Download Now" button.

[2] Configure Windows Live Writer

After download Windows Live Writer the above box will open and asking you for your existing blog or not. It also ask for Windows Live Spaces, Sharepoint blog and create blog on Windows Live. If you already have your blog with another platforms like Blogger, Wordpress, Typepad, then select "Other Blog Service" and click Next button.

[3] Enter Your Blog Details

Now you need to enter your blog's url as well as your username & password that you use to access your blog then click on next button.

[4] Select Your Blog

Now after filling your blog's details blog your blog will detected then select and confirm your blog with accurate title and then click the next button.

[5] Your Blog Has Been Set Up Successfully

Now your blog has been set up successfully. If you want to make a nick name of your blog then edit your blog name with new nick name and click Finish Button. You have done it successfully.

So now you can easily access your blog with any blogging platform right from your desktop with great and powerful features. Now you don't need to open your blog from from your browser just open Windows Live Writer, enter your blog's username & password and you are ready to share your post right from your desktop.

I'm also use Windows Live Writer to make my posts unique and beautiful. It make my work really fast and easy. So don't waste your time and start blogging with this fast and powerful as well as free software to make your blog with easy to use interface.

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Enjoy Yourself ! Have A Fun !


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