Friday, April 11, 2014

Best Portable Apps for Windows

Posted by Prem Trivedi

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I am back with some useful information which provides you handy flexibility with great features. I want to share some important portable software for windows that decrease hard disk space of your computer. Portable Apps are useful for those who want to use their software in multiple computers because it allows you to install any portable software on USB drives like Pen Drive, Flash Drive, External Hard Disk or any other portable device that you carry with you easily. You don't need to use Laptops or Tablets because it provides capability of USB installation with easy to use functionality. 

Portable applications are widely used by professionals and make work easy to do without problem of uninstallation process. You have to just install portable application on your USB device and you can run that application on any computer easily. If you want to remove portable application, just remove it by clicking delete key because you don't need to do unistallation process to remove it.

Google Chrome Portable

Google Chrome is a very popular web browser widely used by Internet users. Google chrome Portable is a handy web browser that runs web pages with lightning speed. It has simple and stylish interface with great features and functionality. You can install Google Chrome portable app on your USB stick and run in any computer or laptop without installation on particular computer. You can get your browsing experience well because it provides lightweight functionality and save your hard disk space. So you can make your pc free from unexpected hard disk space.

Features :
  • Quick To Startup
  • Runs web applications faster
  • Designed for efficiency and ease of use
  • Manage tabs as per your need with fast and easily
  • Loads web pages in a snap

Opera USB Web Browser

Opera is also available for portable devices like USB or Flash drive. Opera is one of the most popular web browser and full featured web browser. Opera Portable Browser is lightweight and capable of gaining access to web pages you like with lightning speed. It keeps all the data in it's local folder so you can secure your important data with privacy.

Opera portable app allows you great customizable browsing experience with fast speed. So you can take your pocket browser with you where you go.

Features :

  • Opera Turbo lets you speed up browsing on slow connections by compressing webpages before downloading them.
  • Speed Dial - Access your favorite webpages quickly with a single click
  • Customization - Change the layout of toolbars and buttons or browser skin
  • Opera Mail - Buil in mail client that lets you manage your email right from within opera

Mozilla Firefox Portable Edition

Mozilla Firefox Portable Edition is a fast, customizable, full-featured web browser that provides you lots of features including integrated search, improved privacy features, pop-up blocker, multi tab-browsing, automatic updates and much more. The plus point of this portable application is it leaves no personal data on computer where it is used. You can take your browser with bookmarks and added extensions with you wherever you go.

Features :
  • Fast and Customizable
  • Secure Browsing
  • Light weight
  • Privacy Protection
  • Easy to use
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Skype Portable

Skype portable lets you connect with your friends and family via instant message, audio conferencing, video cals and also provide calls from regular phone lines from anywhere in the world. Skype to Skype calls, video calling and instant messaging are free, any time of the day or night, anywhere in the world.

Features :

  • Free Skype to Skype calls
  • Call Phones and Mobiles 
  • Send SMS
  • Void Mail
  • Free Video Call
  • Forward calls to phone when you are offline
  • Free Instant messaging

Foxit Reader Portable

Foxit Reader is a free portable PDF document viewer and maker, with amazing lightweight, fast and small size. It provides wide range of functionality as per your requirement. PDF document creation is the plus point of Foxit Reader Portable Edition. 

Features :
Foxit Reader Portable is very useful for those who who are consumer, business, government agency and educational organization because they need to create, read, annotate and sign on PDF documents and and fill out PDF forms. It providing a complete PDF creation solution with fast and rich PDF viewer features.

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So these portable applications are free, lightweight and also in small size than other executable windows sofrwares. These portable applications make your work easy and faster and allows you to run them on any computer with your Portable USB device easily.

Enjoy !


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